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One misspelled word but it kind of fits me as I am the world’s worst speller. But tattoo based on Do or Die!I have been a fan for years and I went to Atlanta 2013 and checked off my bucket list see 30 Seconds to Mars in concert Special Night With BFF

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This is one of my favorite things ever.

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omg theres other fat people here thank god

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First thought walking into any new sort of situation. 

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Fuck everyone.


No one cares about me, everyone leaves when they say they won’t. I let my walls down to certain people and they completely just break me. I’ve lost trust in everyone. I care too much for people and sometimes people don’t see it. No one ever cares back. All I get in return is fucking nothing. I guess I was meant to be alone and depressed for my life.


Every day.


I feel as if I’m holding my family down. That they would be more happy without me and can do stuff with out me holding them down. I ever feel like my friends have had enough of me and don’t want me here any more. I’m just so sad, what can I do? ~ Lauren

My exact proposition

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